SWIR Camera Applications and Videos

SWIR Imaging for Industrial Robotic Machine Vision

Our SWIR cameras are used in many robotic machine vision applications. This video demonstrates robotic welding.

“High Definition (HD) SWIR Imaging”

Our first megapixel SWIR InGaAs camera will add value to applications needing high definition imaging with low noise and fast frame rates.

SWIR Gated Imaging Applications

This video demonstrates how the fast (100 nsec.) and flexible gating capabilities enables laser tracking at both near and long distances.

Live Animal Imaging By SWIR Hyperspectral Imaging

This video demonstrates how hyperspectral SWIR imaging enables live animal imaging.

Semiconductor Wafer Defect Testing with SWIR Cameras

Our SWIR cameras can be incorporated into high magnification SWIR microscopes to detector sub-micron defects in semiconductor wafers and other materials transparent to SWIR light. We can configure microscopes to your exact requirements.

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