Avenir Compact Spectrometers

The Aris spectrometer is the next step into the future of embedded spectroscopy. A laboratory-grade instrument that also meets the size, price and reliability requirements for portable and industrial applications. With its high-throughput optical design, the Aris delivers 2 to 4 times better sensitviity than other spectrometers in this price range. An optimized stray light suppression enables the measurement of larger absorbance values.

The Aris offers an unsurpassed flexibility to adapt the spectrometer to the requirements of a specific application. It is available in six standard wavelength ranges that can be customized using a large choice of available diffraction gratings. The default entrance slit of 20 μm is user-replaceable and can be easily exchanged to obtain better sensitivity. Standard configurations include one of two image sensors (see below) with more choices available on request. The powerful microcontroller performs on-board auto exposure, averaging, buffering and spectrum processing. In addition, it enables the implementation of application-specific spectrum evaluation. With its proven reliability in rough conditions and compact size, the Aris bridges the gap between laboratory and field spectrometers.

Avenir Optics

•Symmetrical high-throughput Czerny-Turner
•Focal length 50 mm
•Numerical aperture 0.16 (equivalent area)
•Stray light < 0.08 % *
•Detector lens Included
•Order sorting filter Included (if required)
•Optical interface SMA connector (other interfaces on request

Custom Options

•User-replaceable entrance slits
• Custom wavelength ranges
• Different image sensors
• Additional optical filters
• Application-specific processing and evaluation

Image Sensors

Toshiba Hamamatsu
TCD1304DG S11639-01
Number of pixels 3648 2048
Exposure time range 3 µs − 35 min 54 µs − 35 min
Signal-to-Noise Ratio * 350 600
Dynamic Range ** 1900 : 1 4500 : 1
Readout speed 1 MHz 2 MHz
UV sensitivity good excellent

Spectrometer Request Form

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The spectrometer table below provides a quick comparison of key performance features and a link to the complete data sheet.

Avenir ModelProduct ImageSpectral Range (nm)Resolution (nm)
WIDEeasyLIGHT-VUV 185-9601.10
UV-VISeasyLIGHT-VUV 185-5600.50
UVeasyLIGHT-VUV 185-4200.40
VISeasyLIGHT-VUV 360-8300.65
VIS-NIReasyLIGHT-VUV 400-11001.00
FReasyLIGHT-VUV 500-10000.70