Spectrometers  for VUV/XUV/X-Ray Spectroscopy

XUV Spectrometers 1-200 nm

maxLIGHT pro– Maximum light collection and highest spectral throughput
easyLIGHT XUV-Compact high efficiency XUV spectrometer
highLIGHT– high resolution XUV spectrometer

maxLIGHT pro spectrometer

VUV Spectrometers 80-300 nm

easyLIGHT VUV– Compact VUV spectrometer
maxLIGHT pro VUV– high throughput flat field spectrometer and profiler

easyLIGHT VUV spectrometer

X-Ray Spectrometers 2-4 keV

hardLIGHT TXS: tender X-Ray Spectrometer

hardLIGHT TXS spectrometer

X-Ray Absorbance Spectroscopy Systems 20-1200 eV

proXAS: Turn-key system for NEXAFS spectroscopy in the 200-1200eV range. Measurements with a quality on par with synchrotron results allow chemical state analysis in the lab. No need to apply for beamtime to gain insight into the electronic configuration of elements, including oxidation state, bond lengths, and molecule orientation

proXAS spectrometer