SWIR Cameras

We are the leaders in low cost SWIR cameras with top performance in terms of sensitivity and dynamic range. All in a compact easy to integrate camera with a wide selection of software tools.

Our SWIR InGaAs cameras and sensors are designed to provide top performance over a very wide range of light levels, frame rates, and triggering requirements. This insures the SWIR camera delivers top performance as your sensitivity, frame rate, and dynamic range and triggering  requirements change. No more compromises or workarounds. For imaging applications between 400-3000 nm, we offer the widest range of models and we will help you select the best value model to fit your application. Please review the SWIR camera selection table below which will link you to more detailed technical information.

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Camera ModelImageSensor Type/CoolingSpectral ResponseSensor Resolution/Pixel SizeFrame Rate (full Frame)Data PortLink
SenS 1280SenS SWIR cameraInGaAs NSC1901-T-SI/TE Cooled900-1700 nm1280X1024/10 um60 fpsUSB3Learn More
SenS HiPeNSC1902T-SI/TE Cooled900-1700 nm640X512/15 um250 fpsUSB3Learn More
SenS 640V-STInGaAs NSC1902T-SI/TE Cooled900-1700 nm640X512/15 um250 fpsUSB3Learn More
SenS 640M-STE
InGaAs NSC1902T-SI/TE Cooled900-1700 nm640X512/15 um250 fpsCameralinkLearn More
SenS 640G-STEInGaAs NSC1902T-SI/TE Cooled900-1700 nm640X512/15 um250 fpsGigE VisionLearn More
SenS-640V-STPInGaAs NSC1902T-SI/TE Cooled900-1700 nm640X512/15 um250 fpsUSB3Learn More
SenS 640M-STPEInGaAs NSC1902T-SI/TE Cooled900-1700 nm640X512/15 um250 fpsCameralinkLearn More
SenS 640A-STEInGaAs NSC1902T-SI/TE Cooled900-1700 nm640X512/15 um60 fpsVideo PAL or NTSCLearn More
LiSa LinescanLinescan SWIR CameraLinear InGaAs/TE Cooled900-1700 nm2048X1/7.5 um60,000 fpsCameralinkLiSa Linescan
WiDy 640V-SInGaAs NSC1201-SI/Uncooled900-1700 nm640X512/15 um100 fpsUSB3Learn More
WiDy640M-SEInGaAs NSC1201-SI/Uncooled900-1700 nm640X512/15 um100 fpsCameralinkLearn More
WiDy 640G-SEInGaAs NSC1201-SI/Uncooled900-1700 nm640X512/15 um100 fpsGigE VisionLearn More
WiDy 640A-SEInGaAs NSC1201-SI/Uncooled900-1700 nm640X512/15 um100 fpsVideoLearn More
SenS 320V-STInGaAs NSC1902T-SI/TE Cooled900-1700 nm320/256/15 um1000 fpsUSB3Learn More
SenS 320G-STEInGaAs NSC1902T-SI/TE Cooled900-1700 nm320/256/15 um100 fpsGigE VisionLearn More
WiDy 320V-SNSC1401-SI/Uncooled900-1700 nm320X256/25 um200 fpsUSB3Learn More
WiDy 320M-SNSC1401-SI/Uncooled900-1700 nm320X256/25 um200 fpsCameralinkLearn More
ALIZE-1.7InGaAs/4-Stage-TEC800-1800 nm640X512/15 um140 fpsCameralink or USB3Learn More
Zephir-2.5MCT/4-Stage-TEC800-2600 nm320X256/30 umUp to 340 full frame
2000 for a 64 x 64 px R
Up to 340 full frame
2000 for a 64 x 64 px R
Learn More
Zephir-2.9MCT/4-stage TE cooler800-3000 nm320X256/30 umUp to 340 full frame
2000 for a 64 x 64 px R
Cameralink or USB3Learn More

Featured New SWIR Cameras for 2023

SenS 1280 SWIR camera
SenS 1280 SWIR camera
high resolution swir cameras
SenS SWIR Camera
HiPe SWIR Camera
SenS SWIR camera

SenS 1280- Megapixel SWIR Camera


WiDy SenS 1280 is the newest member of NIT SWIR InGaAs camera series. This camera provides a high resolution of 1280x1024px @10µm pixel pitch, a high sensitivity with a typical  RON < 27 e- while preserving linear response.

Learn More SenS 1280 SWIR

SenS 640M-STE-VGA Cameralink


The SenS camera platform is unique in performance vs. standard SWIR InGaAs cameras. This SenS sensor supports dual light response modes: linear response for low light sensitivity (two software selectable gains) and wide dynamic range (WDR) when light levels are higher. No other SWIR camera provides such superb image quality over a

Learn More 640M-STE

SenS HiPe Long Exposure SWIR Camera

With TEC2 & air-cooled operating mode, the HiPe SenS is designed for low light, long exposure time applications (from 10us to 112s). It can operate with an FPA temperature as low as -20°C only with internal air cooling.  Also, the camera is easy for integration to microscope benches or any other optical devices, thanks to the small form factor.

Learn More SenS HiPe

SenS 320V-ST
Priced for budgets < $10,000!

Select the 320V-ST when you want a low price for a high performance TE cooled SWIR sensor camera. For many applications the 320X256 pixel format is sufficient and you have all the benefits of a VGA TE cooled SWIR camera. Also available with GigE Vision data protocol. Up to 1000 fps full frame!

Learn More SenS 320V-ST

Markets We Serve with SWIR Cameras- All Featured Cameras In Stock!

SWIR Microscope
SWIR Microscope

Semiconductor Wafer Quality Inspection

Our SWIR cameras are used by leading semiconductor companies for wafer inspection and defect detection in materials transparent to light in 900-2900 nm range.

SWIR camera models best aligned for this market include the SenS 640V-ST, 640M-ST, 640G-ST, SenS HiPe, and SenS 1280.

Our c-mount swir cameras can easily attach to popular microscopes and we can configure a complete SWIR microscope (including illumination) based on your exact requirements.

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Laser Tracking and Laser Applications


Our SWIR camera product family includes specific models that are very well aligned for demanding laser applications, including:

  • Laser communications
  • Laser Tracking – up to 10 kHz
  • Laser alignment & Beam Profiling
  • Active Imaging

Many of our SWIR cameras support fast gating (100 nanoseconds) which is essential for applications involving pulsed lasers. We support laser tracking applications where there is and is not a trigger signal from the laser control module. Laser profiling is an important application and for many of our cameras you can purchase a camera without a sensor window or with an AR coated window to mitigate fringing effects.

Suggested models for laser applications include the 640V-STP, 640M-STP, 640G-STP.

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Security and Surveillance

Being able to keep at all times a clear situational awareness in harsh environmental conditions, day and night can make a huge difference when defending or protecting people.  Our SWIR imaging solutions are specified in OEM military programs and security systems.

  • Surveillance in difficult weather conditions
  • Gated Imaging
  • Night Vision

Suggested SWIR camera models for surveillance include: 640V-S, 640V-ST, 640V-STP, 640G-STP, HiPe, and Sens 1280.

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Life Science Imaging and Microscopy

SWIR opens new opportunities for deep tissue imaging for In-vivo applications. Traditionally, for deep tissue imaging ionizing radiation is used (X-ray and Y-ray) but poses some risks to biological tissue.

Photoluminescence Imaging is preferred, using fluorescent Dye and excitation laser.
Traditionally Visible and NIR band have been used:

  • Visible band (400-650nm) is used only for superficial tissues (strong scattering and absorption).
  • NIR band or NIR1 (850-900nm) has been used in the last 20 years.

SWIR or NIR2 (1300-1400nm) has the following advantages:

  1. Stronger transmission than NIR band
  2. Lower scattering
  3. Commercially available and FDA approved dyes show strong emission in the NIR2 band.

We can configure microscopes for your live animal imaging or fluorescence imaging application.

Suggested SWIR cameras for these types of application include:  640V-ST, 640V-STP, 640G-STP, HiPe, and Sens 1280

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