New Imaging and Spectroscopy Products for 2023
SWIR Cameras and Microscopes, CCD Cameras, SWIR Hyperspectral Sensors, XUV/VUV Spectrometers, Industrial Thermal Cameras

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WiDy SenS 1280 is the newest member of NIT SWIR InGaAs camera series. This camera provides a high resolution of 1280x1024px @10µm pixel pitch, a high sensitivity with a typical  RON < 28 e- while preserving linear response. The camera will be available in USB 3.0 in May 2021 and CameraLink in summer 2021.

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Based on a unique platform concept, the ALEX CCD product family offers a portfolio of scientific cameras with vacuum interface for imaging and spectroscopy in the VUV, EUV, soft and hard X-ray range. Incoming photons are directly detected by the CCD sensor. Learn More

We offer both high performance push broom SWIR hyperspectral cameras and cost effective snap shot hyperspectral cameras for UV, VIS, RGB, and NIR imaging applications. Learn More

VUV spectrometer

Innovative and affordable spectrometers for VUV/XUV/Hard X-Ray spectroscopy applications in science and industry. VUV and X-Ray Spectrometers

Innovative and affordable spectrometers for VUV/XUV/Hard X-Ray spectroscopy applications in science and industry. VUV and X-Ray Spectrometers

With the IRSX series, intelligent, self-contained thermal imaging systems that are consistently designed for industrial use are available for the first time. Designed as an all-in-one solution, the IRSX cameras combine a calibrated thermal imaging sensor with a powerful data processing unit and a variety of industrial interfaces in a rugged IP67 housing small enough to fit in the tightest of spaces. Once installed, they communicate directly with your process control, providing an outstanding functionality for the practical implementation of Industry 4.0. An impressive performance package that has made the IRSX series one of the Stand-alone solution for thermal machine vision and winner of the Vision Systems Design Innovators Awards 2019. Learn More Thermal Imaging


LOTTE in-vacuum CCD camera is the latest innovation from greateyes. LOTTE can be submerged, operated and positioned freely inside a vacuum chamber. Utilising scientific-grade back-illuminated CCD sensors for the detection of EUV, VUV and X-ray signals, LOTTE is equipped with a novel and advanced
cooling concept enabling detector temperatures as low as -100 °C. It is furthermore driven by the most powerful and versatile true 18-bit electronic
platform available for in-vacuum use. Learn More

3D Sensor

Integrated single device for high performance 3D measurement by laser triangulation. With the MCS series, our customers do not need to select pre-configured models, but can configure the solutions required for their applications themselves. The customer simply specifies the desired data such as height resolution, working distance, scan width (x-FOV), points per profile as well as laser wavelength and safety class and receives a 3D sensor composed of corresponding sensor, laser, and link modules. Learn More MCS 3D Sensors

Extend the boundaries of industrial imaging with the Zephir series SWIR camera platform supports SWIR cameras sensitive from .4 nm to 3.1 µm. Using a sensitive InGaAs or HgCdTe (MCT) FPA, ZEPHIR™ collects images at an astounding 345 frame-per-second rate while reaching unrivalled low noise levels with the integration of a four-stage TE cooler. Learn More

SWIR Microscope

We build SWIR microscopes from your exact requirements for FOV (field of view), range in magnification, working distance, and camera resolved limit of spatial resolution. SWIR Microscopes

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