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WiDy SenS 1280 is the newest member of NIT SWIR InGaAs camera series. This camera provides a high resolution of 1280x1024px @10µm pixel pitch, a high sensitivity with a typical  RON < 28 e- while preserving linear response. The camera will be available in USB 3.0 in May 2021 and CameraLink in summer 2021.

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Greateyes UV Cameras

Our new line of scientific grade Greateyes CCD cameras supports high performance imaging from the hard X-Ray to the Near Infrared. Top performance and easy integration for both imaging and spectroscopy applications. Learn more below about the CCD product families for specific spectral regions and CCD cameras that must operate under high vacuum conditions.

ELSE CCD Cameras for Spectroscopy and Imaging in the UV-VIS-NIR

ALEX CCD Cameras for Spectroscopy and Imaging in the XUV/VUV/SXR/X-Ray

GE VAC Series for In Vacuum Spectroscopy Applications in the XUV/VUV/X-Ray

VUV spectrometer

Innovative and affordable spectrometers for VUV/XUV/Hard X-Ray spectroscopy applications in science and industry. VUV and X-Ray Spectrometers

Extend the boundaries of industrial imaging with the Zephir series SWIR camera platform supports SWIR cameras sensitive from .4 nm to 3.1 µm. Using a sensitive InGaAs or HgCdTe (MCT) FPA, ZEPHIR™ collects images at an astounding 345 frame-per-second rate while reaching unrivalled low noise levels with the integration of a four-stage TE cooler. Learn More

SWIR Microscope

We build SWIR microscopes from your exact requirements for FOV (field of view), range in magnification, working distance, and camera resolved limit of spatial resolution. SWIR Microscopes

The best price/performance solution for NIR spectroscopy between 900-1750 nm. The footprint of a poker card and extremely cost effective. Ideal for low budgets and volume OEM implementaions.

NIR Spectrometers

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