SWIR Microscopes

We configure SWIR microscopes for your exact requirements
Download our new technical guide on how to configure a SWIR microscope or view video below

If you need SWIR imaging magnification, our SWIR cameras can be configured with microscope optics to enable the range in magnification and field of view you need. Popular applications include both life science and test engineering projects.  Select your choice of illumination (LED’s, lasers, broadband). Two color microscopy is supported. We also can configure horizontal microscopes for inspection applications. Request SWIR Microscope Quotation

Research and medical scientists employ the SWIR microscopes for fluorescent imaging applications including live animal SWIR imaging that also employ lasers to stoke the fluorescence. Test engineers leverage SWIR microscopy to identify defects in components transparent to NIR light, notably semiconductor materials.

We also configure thermal imaging microscopes in the range 7-13 micron range.

SWIR Microscope Capabilities

We build SWIR microscopes to your exact requirements for range in magnification, field of view, and sample illumination.

♦.67X to 1000X magnification
♦Select field of view, working distance and range in magnification you need
♦Customized configurations to align with your requirements
♦Horizontal and motorized configurations available
♦Two color microscopy configurations available
♦Co-axial illumination with LED’s, lasers, and broad-band light sources
♦Flexible architecture supports changes in your future requirements

Popular Applications Include:

  • Test for defects in semiconductor products or materials transparent to the SWIR
  • Live animal imaging using SWIR emitting dyes
  • Low light fluorescence microscopy
  • Forensics of counterfeit art and products

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