About Pembroke Instruments, LLC

Pembroke Instruments, LLC- San Francisco is a leading source in the USA for compact and affordable imaging and spectroscopy products for industrial and scientific applications. Our core competencies include SWIR imaging, X-Ray and VUV spectroscopy and imaging, SWIR cameras and microscopes.

Why do scientists and engineer buy photonics products and services from Pembroke Instruments?

Our approach in working with new and existing customers is that of a technical consultant that carefully reviews your application and returns a configuration that aligns with your project. We do not employ sales personnel. Everyone on our team has a strong background in high performance imaging and spectroscopy.

We are often the first choice of many technical centers of excellence including Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT Lincoln Lab, Lawrence Berkeley Lab, California Institute of Technology, the US Air Force Research Laboratory, the Naval Research Laboratory and many Fortune 100 companies. We maintain a high standard by carefully reviewing the technical requirements for each customer application and deliver an affordable  solution that is easy to use and integrate.

Areas of expert level of experience include


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