HDR Visible CMOS Cameras & Sensors

From sensors to complete camera systems, all of our products integrate our unique High Dynamic Range technology. Our patented Pixel technology is capable of generating a highly stable image even under very wide intra-scene dynamic range (> 120dB) in a single frame time and without multi-exposure, any setting of knee points or external control. These CMOS sensors have useable QE (quantum efficiency) from 350 to 1000 nm.

Our products are suited for many machine vision and industrial applications. Whenever you have a high flux scene, you need an NIT High Dynamic Range sensor or camera.

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CMOS Camera
CMOS Camera
CMOS Camera
Intensified CMOS Camera

Magic-V USB3 CMOS Camera

USB3.0 output – HDR up to 140dB with proprietary Logarithmic response – 2 resolutions available: 1.3 Mpixels and WVGA – delivered with MagicVISION software and a full SDK (C++, C#Windows,  Linux, and Python)

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Magic-G GigE CMOS Camera

GigE output – HDR up to 140dB with proprietary Logarithmic response –1.3 Mpixels  – delivered with NITViewerGIGE or a full SDK (C++, C#Windows, Linux & Python).

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Magic-M Cameralink CMOS Camera

CameraLink output with Mini CameraLink connector – HDR up to 140dB with proprietary Logarithmic response – 2 resolutions available: 1.3 Mpixels and WVGA – delivered with MagicCAM software and a full SDK (C++, C# Windows, Linux & Python).

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Image Intensified CMOS Camera


Compact and low power night vision module dedicated to intensified solutions.  Delivered with or without Fiber Optic Plate – 18mm diagonal.

USB3.0 or CameraLink output – HDR up to 140dB with proprietary Logarithmic response –  1.3 Mpixels – delivered with MagicVISION or MagicCAM software.

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