MAGIC™: The Next Generation of CMOS Sensor Technology

The Magic product family is a new generation of CMOS imaging technology named MAGIC™ (Matrix Active Generated Index Contrast) capable of generating a highly stable image even under very wide intra scene dynamic range (> 120dB) in a single frame time and without multi-exposure. This new and exclusive patented technology aligns with many real world applications including automotive, machine vision, biometrics, and surveillance. If your application requires maintaining excellent image quality against wide changes in scene illumination, you should seriously consider  MAGIC™

 Magic Camera
Plug-and-play, MAGIC cameras integrates our patented sensors and are delivered with proprietary MagicVISION/MagicCAM software.

 Magic GIGE
Plug-and-play, Magic Gigebit cameras or Modules integrate our patented sensors and are compliant with GigeVision norm.

Plug-and-play, Smart MAGIC camera delivers CameraLink output  video with all the processing embedded on a FPGA.


The MAGIC CMOS sensor was designed for OEM’s that need a sensor that can be set for one exposure to manage all possible levels of scene illumination up to 120 db. The sensor is very cost effective in volume and easy to integrate into your ultimate solution. Contact Us for a discussion of your OEM applications.

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Magic Camera Contact Form

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