Linescan SWIR Camera

LiSa SWIR Linescan Camera

2048X1 pixel format
7.5 um pixels
60,000 fps


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Description LiSa Linescan Camera

The new LiSa linescan camera enables high performance machine vision imaging applications in the 900-1700 nm SWIR spectral region. 60 kHz frame rate is achieved through the Cameralink port at 2048 pixel resolution. The LiSa comes with complete software tools for quick implementation of your machine vision application. LiSa Datasheet

Main Features


  • 2048 pixel resolution
  • 7.5 um square pixels
  • Up to 60 kHz frame rate
  • Cameralink
  • Spectral response: 900-1700 nm
  • Software tools for application development



LiSa Datasheet

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