easyLIGHT  VUV and XUV Spectrometers

easyLIGHT VUV spectrometer
  • spectrograph and monochromator functionality

  • grating with best-in-class efficiency

  • wavelength range from 80 to 300 nm

  • high accuracy wavelength setting

  • compact and modular design


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easyLight  VUV Datasheet

easyLIGHT XUV Datasheet

easyLIGHT Main Features


  • normal-incidence spectrograph and XUV/VUV  monochromators

  • proprietary H+P design

  • variable entrance and exit slits

  • VUV wavelength range from 80 to 300nm

  • efficiency >30%

  • improved stray light suppression

  • operating pressure <10^-6 mbar
    UHV version available

  • compact lightweight design

Light Detection Options

Our spectrometers can be operated with all current detection systems:

  • CCD cameras for highest resolution, large dynamic range and absolute signal strength

  • large-area MCPs for broadest wavelength coverage and gated / intensified detection

  • PMT for scanning applications

  • We will provide free technical review of sensors you currently have and would like to use with our spectrometers