HiPe SWIR Camera

SenS HiPe

Long Exposure SWIR Camera

640X512, 15 um pixel; TE Cooled Sensor

Up to 110 second exposure at low dark charge

USB3.0 output, GUI: USB3.0 (WiDyVISION) & SDK C++

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Description SenS HiPe

With TEC2 & air-cooled operating mode, the HiPe SenS is designed for low light, long exposure time applications (from 10us to 112s). It can operate with an FPA temperature as low as -20°C only with internal air cooling.  Also, the camera is easy for integration to microscope benches or any other optical devices, thanks to the small form factor.

Main Features


+Wide range in exposure time: 10 usec to 110 sec.
+VGA format: 640X512, 15 um pixel size
+TE cooled sensor
+250 fps, full frame
+Compact and easy to integrate
+USB3 with free GUI and SDK; Cameralink now available
+NON-ITAR camera


Camera ModelSenS HiPe
AvailabilityIn Stock
Camera Overview DescriptionCompact USB3 SWIR camera designed to support long exposure times (30 seconds) with low dark charge. Select this model when your application requires low exposure times and/or lowest dark charge noise.
Sensor DescriptionNSC 1901-SI Designed for long exposure/low dark charge noise. Three gain settings for linear response.
Spectral Response900-1800 nm
Pixel Format640X512
Pixel Size, um15
Full Well Capacity in Low Light LInear (CTIA) Mode315 ke (low gain), 122 ke (medium gain), 15 ke (high gain); <2500 e-/pixels/s
Sensor Noise< 40 e in high gain mode
Dark Charge (e/p/s)1500 e/p/s @ -20C
Max. Frame Rate250 fps, full frame
Dynamic Range64 db (low gain), 62 db (minimum gain), 52 db (high gain)
ShutterSnapshot Global Shutter
Exposure Range10 usec. to 110 seconds
100 nsec Gating supported?NO
Sensor Calibration Stored in Camera Memory?YES
Size (mmXmmXmm)46X57X105
Weight (grams)300
Maximum TE cooled sensor temperature (from ambient 25 deg. C)-20 deg. C
Operating Temp. Range0 deg. C to +65 deg. C
Min/Max Power Consumption9-15 Watts
Lens MountC-Mount

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