TE Cooled SWIR Camera


Low cost TE cooled sensor SWIR camera
Select USB3 or GigE Vision
Up to 1000 fps full frame!

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Description 320V-ST/G-STE

Select the 320V-ST or 320G-STE  when you want a low price for a high performance TE cooled SWIR sensor camera. For many applications the 320X256 pixel format is sufficient and you have all the benefits of a VGA TE cooled SWIR camera. Up to 1000 fps full frame!

The SenS camera platform is unique in performance vs. standard SWIR InGaAs cameras. This SenS sensor supports dual light response modes: linear response for low light sensitivity (two software selectable gains) and wide dynamic range (WDR) when light levels are higher. No other SWIR camera provides such superb image quality over a wide range of light conditions.

This camera is available in either USB3 or GigE Vision data protocol.

Main Features


+TE Cooled
+Select USB3 or GigE Vision
+qVGA InGaAs sensor (320X256 15 um)
+900-1700 nm spectral response
+Snapshot shutter
+1000 fps full frame
+Free GUI SDK, tools for Matlab and MicroManager
+Dual sensor response (linear and wide dynamic range)
+Exposure range: 100 usec to 2 seconds
+Order with no sensor window or AR coated sensor window (laser profiling)




Resolution 320(H)x256(V)
Interface USB 3.0 or GigE Vision
Sensor format 1 inch
Pixel pitch 15µm
Mode Global shutter
Dual mode: Log or CTIA
Reading: ITR or IWR
Option: CDS (only in CTIA)
Partial reading mode Possible to integer just a part of the sensor (ROI) and display only this window on the video output. This option allows a frame rate increase on the ROI
Cooling capacity ΔT = 30°C



3 modes

  •  Low current < 1W
  •  Middle current < 2W
  •  High current < 4W
Exposure time range  100 usec. to 2 sec.
Spectral response 0.9 to 1.7um
Dynamic range



120dB typical in Log

63dB typical in CTIA (Low Gain)

49dB typical in CTIA (High Gain)

Full well capacity (in CTIA)


>17ke- (High Gain)

>380ke- (Low Gain)

ADC 14 bits
Sensor Noise



45 e- (with CDS)



Frame rate Up to 1000 fps full frame
Trigger IN/OUT (LVTTL), Selectable delay



 Camera consumption (standard mode) < 2.5W

TEC comsumption < 4W

Power Range 5V (USB)
Dimension 46x46x57mm
Mount C-Mount native
Weight < 215g
Temperature Range 0°C to +65°C

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