Low Cost UV-VIS Spectrometers

CMOS UV-VIS Spectrometers

Select CompactLine CMOS sensor based spectrometers when a small footprint is needed without sacrifice in performance. This series can be equipped with a 2048 pixel CMOS detector or the first on the market 4096-pixel array. Enjoy the speed and enhanced native UV/NIR response of CMOS with incredible resolution to 0.1 nm unavailable anywhere else.  View full specifications.

Custom Range & Resolution UV-VIS Spectrometers

Select the StarLine platform when you need total flexibility in ordering a spectrometer with the desired spectral range, sensitivity, resolution, and slit width. The spectrometer will be built to your requirements at low cost and fast deivery. View full specifications.

Multi-Channel UV-VIS Spectrometers

Select when you  need more precise measurements from multiple test points and/or need very wide spectral coverage.  Our multi-channel spectrometers fulfill your every need. You can select from our range of spectrometer detectors, choose different slits or gratings: anything is possible. Spectral coverage from 190 to 2500 nm. View full specifications.

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TE Cooled UV-VIS Spectrometers

Select the TEC platform when you need the highest sensitivity with longer integration time. Long integration times in general are equivalent to higher dark noise. Our Thermo-Electric Cooled (TEC) spectro-meters systems overcome this problem by cooling the detector. These recently re-designed instruments are equipped with triple stage cooling, keeping your detector at an optimal 5 degrees Celsius (maximum -35°C difference from ambient temperature).  View full specifications.

Dual Channel UV-VIS Spectrometers

Select when you need wide spectral coverage in a small footprint. Sometimes a single channel spectrometer is not enough, for example when you want higher resolution or to do two redundant measurements at the same time. The dual channel spectrometers are designed specifically for this purpose. Each spectrometer can be configured independently. It is also possible to have different detector types in each channel.
View full specifications.