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SenS SWIR 640M-ST/-STE/STP (Cameralink)

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Description 640M-ST/-STE/-STP

The SenS camera platform is unique in performance vs. standard SWIR InGaAs cameras. This SenS sensor supports dual light response modes: linear response for low light sensitivity (two software selectable gains) and wide dynamic range (WDR) when light levels are higher. No other SWIR camera provides such superb image quality over a wide range of light conditions.

This version of SenS supports Cameralink, TE cooling, fast gating, and onboard camera memory

640M-ST supports Cameralink and TE cooling

640M-STE supports Cameralink, TE cooling, and onboard memory

640M-STP supports Cameralink, TE cooling, onboard memory, and 100 nsec. fast gating mode

Main Features


+TE Cooled VGA sensor
+VGA InGaAs sensor (640X512, 15 um)
+900-1700 nm spectral response
+Snapshot shutter
+250 fps
+Free GUI SDK, tools for Matlab and MicroManager
+Dual sensor response (linear and wide dynamic range)
+100  nsec. Gating mode for 640M-STP



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Resolution 640(H)x512(V)
Interface Cameralink
Sensor format 1 inch
Pixel pitch 15µm
Mode Global shutter
Dual mode: Log or CTIA
Reading: ITR or IWR
Option: CDS (only in CTIA)
Partial reading mode Possible to integer just a part of the sensor (ROI) and display only this window on the video output. This option allows a frame rate increase on the ROI
Cooling capacity ΔT = 30°C



3 modes

  •  Low current < 1W
  •  Middle current < 2W
  •  High current < 4W
Exposure time range  

10 usec. to 2 sec for 640M-ST

100 nsec. to 0.2 sec. for 640M-STP

Spectral response 0.9 to 1.7um
Dynamic range



120dB typical in Log

63dB typical in CTIA (Low Gain)

49dB typical in CTIA (High Gain)

Full well capacity (in CTIA)


>17ke- (High Gain)

>380ke- (Low Gain)

ADC 14 bits
Sensor Noise



45 e- (with CDS)



Frame rate Up to 230fps full frame
Trigger IN/OUT (LVTTL), Selectable delay



 Camera consumption (standard mode) < 2.5W

TEC comsumption < 4W

Power Range 5V (USB)
Dimension 46x46x57mm
Mount C-Mount native
Weight < 215g
Temperature Range 0°C to +65°C

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