Uncooled SWIR Camera

320X256 SWIR Cameras with Uncooled Sensors-USB3

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Description Uncooled 320X256 SWIR Camera

Our uncooled qVGA WiDy SWIR cameras are idea for applications requiring wide dynamic range in a compact and very affordable camera. This camera is ideal for applications aligned with a 320X256 InGaAs sensor with 15 um pixel size.

There are four available models in the qVGA SWIR camera family:

320V-S: Standard model with USB3
320M-S: Standard model with CameraLink

Main Features

+USB3 or Cameralink data port
+320X256 format, 15 um pixel
+900-1700 nm spectral response
+Snapshot shutter
+Single gain wide dynamic range sensor
+230 fps
+Windows 10/7, Linux, Matlab tools


Compare Specifications Uncooled WiDy SWIR

Interface USB3.0 or CameraLink
Resolution 320(H)x256(V)
Sensor format 1/1.6 inch
Pixel pitch 15 um
Mode Snapshot
Exposure time 100us to 200ms
Spectral response 0.9 to 1.7um
Dynamic range 120dB
ADC 14 bits
Frame rate Up to 200Hz
Trigger IN/OUT (LVTTL)
Power Consumption 1.5W
Power Range 5V (USB)
Dimension 48.6×48.6×43.4mm
Mount CS/C
Weight <125g
Temperature Range 0 to 65°C
Mechanical Vibration and shock tested

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