Fiber Optics Probes, Assemblies, and Patch Cables

We offer a wide range  of fiber-optic cables, which can be made in a variety of lengths and configurations to meet your needs. For common applications, a 2 meter length is sufficient. For this reason it is our standard fiber length.

We ofer SMA-905 or FC/PC con-nectors and these can be the same or different on both ends. For some applcations, special round to linear fiber cables are recommended in which a bundle of fibers configured in a round pattern on one end and a linear array on the other end. The linear array (typically 1 mm in height) is aligned with the slit height of the spectrometer which is also1 mm. This fiber configuration providesmaximized light throughput for applications requiring high-sensitivity.

Fiber-optic cable types and diameters are recommended based upon the wavelength range being measured and the sensitivity required for a measurement. In general different fibertypes can be classified. For the UV range high OH UV/VIS fiber is used. For customers working below 240 nm in the UV, special high OHUV/VIS fiber called solarization resistantfiber (SR) is available. For longer wave-lengths low OH VIS/NIR fiber is recom-mended.Best of both worlds can be achieved withour broadbandfiber, which is our standard. This gives you the combined performance of the UV, UV-SR and IR fibers.

A variety of jacketing options including Kevlar reinforced PVC sleeving with PTFE inner tubing (stan-dard), chrome plated brass monocoil, stainless steel BX, silicone coated stainless steel monocoil and other special jacketings upon request. For applications requiring high temperature resistance, special high temperature epoxy (HT) is available and should be specified at the time of order.

Recommended wavelengths for differentRecommended wavelengths for different cables:

200-2500 nm: UV/VIS/NIR (UVIR)
UV/IR available in core sizes 100, 200,400, 600 μm
200-800 nm: Solarization resistant (-SR)
250-800 nm: UV/VIS (UV)
350-2500 nm: VIS/NIR (IR)

Fiber Optic Cables and Probes

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