3D sensor

Pre-configured 3D Laser Triagulation Sensors

Integrated single device sensors: C5-CS Series

The C5-CS series combines the well-established laser triangulation cameras of AT‘s C5 series with state-of-the-art laser electronics in a compact design. In order to provide solutions for a variety of applications, it comprises a wide range of models with different sensors and housings. Thus, it offers factory calibrated 3D compact sensors with precisely the characteristics in terms of field of view, height measuring range, lateral and height resolution that you need for your measuring task.For a reliable operation even in the roughest industrial environments, all C5-CS models feature a riggedized IP67 housing.  The cable connections are equipped with M12 tensile- and  tear-resistant connectors, which ensures a secure power supply and data transfer. Select the model with specifications that best aligns with your requirements. Request 3D Sensor Quotation.

Model Field of View (mm)Z range (mm)Working Distance (mm)Lateral Resolution (um)Height Resolution (um)Points per profileProfiles per secModel
C5-1280CS 35-775.23150.21280200Model 6
C5-1280CS 35-1212831100.21280200Model 6
C5-1280CS 25-20202072160.51280200Model 6
C5-2040CS 30-1212651.55.50.2204825Model 4
C5-1280CS 23-292940106230.81280200Model 1
C5-1600CS 23-303040106190.7160025Model 1
C5-2040CS 18-38-2X3830117190.8204825Model 5
C5-2040CS 23-383840106190.7204825Model 1
C5-1280CS 21-40404690311.21280200Model 6
C5-1280CS 23-474740106371.41280200Model 1
C5-1600CS 23-494940106311.2160025Model 1
C5-2040CS 21-53534690261204825Model 6
C5-2040CS 23-636340106311.2204825Model 1
C5-1280CS 23-757540106592.31280200Model 1
C5-1280CS 14-767680197593.51280200Model 1
C5-1600CS 23-787840106491.9160025Model 1
C5-4090CS 39-828215172200.5409614.5Model 3
C5-2040CS 23-10010040106491.9204825Model 1
C5-2040CS-14-100100120197492.9204825Model 1
C5-1280CS 14-120120120197945.91280200Model 1
C5-1600CS 14-12512580197784.9160025Model 1
C5-4090CS 39-14514515172350.9409614.5Model 3
C5-2040CS 14-16016080197784.9204825Model 1
C5-4090CS 30-182182250400441.4409614.5Model 2
C5-1280CS 30-2482483004001946.11280200Model 2
C5-1600CS 30-2602603004001635.1160025Model 2
C5-4090CS 30-288288300400702.2409614.5Model 2
C5-4090CS 19-302302500700743.5409614.5Model 2
C5-2040CS 30-3303303004001615204825Model 2
C5-1280CS 19-480480500700375181280200Model 2
C5-4090CS 18-4904908007441206409614.5Model 2
C5-4090CS 30-4954953004001213.8409614.5Model 2
C5-1600CS 19-50050050070031315160025Model 2
C5-2040CS 19-64064050070031315204825Model 2
C5-1600CS 18-79579580074449725.1160025Model 2
C5-4090CS 18-84284280074420610.4409614.5Model 2
C5-2040CS 18-1015101580074449625.1204825Model 2
C5-2040CS 15-12001200109092058635.3204825Model 2