Industrial 3D Sensors

Integrated single device for high performance 3D measurement by laser triangulation profiling.

3D sensor

C5-CS Series

Single Device, pre-configured laser triangulation profiler

  • 3D Sensors with Integrated Laser Line Generator
  • Profile Resolution up to 4096 Points/Profiles (4K Ultra-HD)*
  • Integrated 3D Evaluation Algorithms with up to 200 kHz*
  • Enhanced 3D Imaging Technology (HDR-3D)
  • Support of GigE Vision and GenICam-Standard
  • Robust Enclosure with IP67
  • M12 Connectors for Industrial Use
  • Service-Friendly Design
  • Connection for Laser Protection / Emergency-Stop Function
  • Sophisticated 3D Scan Features like Autostart, Automatic-AOI-Tracking, Multiple AOIS, etc.

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3D Sensor

MCS Series

Flexible and user changeable 3D laser triangulation profilers

With the MCS series, our customers do not need to select pre-configured models, but can configure the solutions required for their applications themselves. The customer simply specifies the desired data such as height resolution, working distance, scan width (x-FOV), points per profile as well as laser wavelength and safety class and receives a 3D sensor composed of corresponding sensor, laser, and link modules. He gets this perfectly tailored solution for his measuring task without any extra cost or extra time, even as a single piece. Maximum flexibility without NRE charge – no other manufacturer in the world offers this.

The 3D compact sensors of the MCS series are factory calibrated and feature everything that is required for industrial use, from GigE Vision to 5 to 24 volt digital inputs and outputs to an RS422 encoder interface.

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3D Cameras

Stand alone 3D sensors

The 3D-Sensors of the new C5 Series come with resolutions of up to 12-Megapixel and collect the 3D data with measuring speeds of up to 200,000 Profiles per second (depending on the model). The developers have devoted special attention to industrial suitability and have equipped the 3D sensors with a ruggedized housing (IP67), M12 connectors, air barriers and many more features.

Until now, 3D-recordings in a two-digit megapixel resolution were reserved only for the camera C4-4090-GigE. The C5 Series combines the high-resolution characteristics of the C4 camera with the compact and ruggedized design of the C2 sensor family, merging thanks to state-of-the-art technology the best of both worlds. The result is ultra-high resolution high-speed 3D-sensors that enable a reliable industrial use even in harsh environments.

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