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Testo Thermal Imager Features                                

Testo Thermal Imagers are built to demanding standards to insure our products will last and perform for a very long time.   We also listen closely to our customers and have designed and developed many innovative additional features. These features have expanded the basic functionality of thermal imagers and created some very helpful tools which are useful and time saving. Please visit our product video’s to see even more.   Testo features: irsoft Testo Thermal Cameras     IRSoft Thermal Imaging Software        Successful thermal imaging program has two components, the right thermal imager required for the application and high quality software. Testo has developed IRSoft Thermal Imaging Software from the ground up to be the most complete and easy to use software solution available on the market today.   advantages mildew Testo Thermal Cameras          Detecting humidity before you see the mold Damp interiors and mold won’t stand a chance. Thermal imagers from Testo make it easy for you to keep an eye on all potential sources of risk. Testo thermal imagers calculate the humidity value of each measuring point using the externally determined ambient temperature and air humidity, as well as the measured surface temperature.   superresolutionlogo Testo Thermal Cameras         SuperResolution     The higher the resolution of your thermal images, the more abnormalities you can see. The revolutionary SuperResolution Technology will instantly make the image quality of your thermal imager a cut above the rest. Four times as many readings and a geometrical resolution that has been improved by a factor of 1.6 means even greater detail and clarity.   advantages solar modus Testo Thermal Cameras           Solar Mode             Monitor photovoltaic systems of all sizes in a way that is wide-ranging, contactless and exceptionally efficient. Accurate thermal imagers from Testo are able to detect malfunctions and make sure that all components are functioning smoothly, ensuring maximum cost effectiveness. The option of inputting solar radiation intensity offers you even more reliability, and afterwards you will know exactly what you have measured.   advantages panorama Testo Thermal Cameras          Panorama Assistant  Conducting thermography on large objects presents the user with special challenges. Spatial limitations such as walls, streets or the security zones of adjacent objects, can also result in not being able to record the measurement object with a single image. Testo thermal imagers help to capture the necessary image. Several images of the object taken from short range can be stitched together to one thermal image using the panorama image assistant. Thermal irregularities can be seen on the entire objects with a high level of detail.     advantages site recognition Testo Thermal Cameras          SiteRecognition    SiteRecognition offers a simple easy to use image database based on inspection route, site or any other parameter you would like. The direct recognition by the use of a barcode reader built into the thermal imager allows for the allocation and archiving the thermal images.   advantages video Testo Thermal Cameras         Fully radiometric video measurement & logger function (via USB)    Fully radiometric video measurement of thermal processes can be analyzed in real time, in a logger function and even event based applications. Every frame of video includes all temperature measurement points for every pixel. It is not a composit video sigmal that only shows a image and basic temperture scale.  You can measure in real time up to 15 different points and select profile measurments. Available on the Testo 890-2 & 885-2 models.   advantages hot cold spot Testo Thermal Cameras       Automatic Hot/Cold Spot Recognition      Critical temperature are directly displayed on screen using the automatic Hot-Cold-Spot recognition.   advantages digital camera Testo Thermal Cameras      Integrated digital camera     Along with the thermal image, a real (visual) image is captured every time a image is taken. (all imagers except 875-1 model)   twinpix Testo Thermal Cameras      TwinPix   The thermal imagers from Testo with integrated digital camera automatically store an infrared and a real image simultaneously. With the professional image overlay Testo TwinPix, these two images can be superimposed over each other in the PC software IRSoft. The information from the thermal image and the real image are then displayed together in one image.


Thermal IR Imaging Applications:

Thermal imaging has numerous applications with just as many variations.  Each application can use an imager in special and unique ways.  Although all imagers in the Testo product line will provide very good results, due to our precision engineering and image quality, sometimes there are reasons based on technical requirements, which dictate a specific imager to best capture data for your application. Testo Imagers have variations such as, Sensitivity, Resolution, Lens choices, and Comfort, which are important variables to consider when choosing a thermal imager.  We have specified several professional based imaging applications in the following sections as examples.  To see overviews of our thermal imagers please visit our product video’s.

solar%20bad%20cell%202 Testo Thermal Cameras  Solar PV Electric Generation

drive%20motor%20ir Testo Thermal Cameras   General & Industrial Maintenance

t880%20 %20energie%20 %20ir Testo Thermal Cameras Petroleum & Chemical Manufacturing

working%20steam%20trap%20ir Testo Thermal Cameras  Industrial Heating & Cooling

villa stammhaus ir Testo Thermal Cameras  Building Sciences

roof%20with%20water%20penetration Testo Thermal Cameras  Roof and Water Intrusion Inspection

breaker%201%20ir Testo Thermal Cameras   Electrical Inspection

 termite%20damage%202t%20w%20copyright Testo Thermal Cameras Pest Control and Intrusion

   horse Testo Thermal CamerasVeterinary Applications


Contact us to discuss the requirements and pricing  for your thermal imaging application. We also manage thermography training with The Snell Group.

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