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High Dynamic Range SWIR  InGaAs Cameras
Now Available with Global Shutter


Download 2015  SWIR Camera Data Sheet
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♦140 db dynamic range

♦Global Shutter

♦USB, RS170, CameraLink

♦Exclusive and patented WDR/ROIC architecture

♦Ultra compact and cost effective

♦Full solutions available for microscopy


Our SWIR cameras are designed to deliver superb image quality in real world conditions where intrascene dynamic range is quite high. This is accomplished through proprietary Wide Dynamic Range ROIC technologies and offer a Dynamic Range (DR) of more than 140dB in a single image without any external control. Other InGaAs cameras will suffer pixel saturation and deliver very poor image quality when the scene conditions demand high dynamic range from the camera. The internal Fixed Pattern Noise correction gives a high uniformity pictures in all light conditions with no need of Look-up table. The WDR InGaAs sensors use InGaAs photodiodes array operating from 900nm up to 1700nm with a high QE and coupled to a patented Read Out Circuit (ROIC).

  • The digital version are delivered with a full Software development kit (SDK), WiDy View, operating under Microsoft Windows.
  • The analog version gives direct SWIR video flux through composite connection

All camera kits come complete GUI and Magic View SDK. Plugins for Labview are now available. We also supply a complete line of SWIR lenses and bandpass filters. Email us for a free review of your SWIR project and quote.

The above video shows about 500X magnification of a silica wafer manufactured by a semiconductor company.

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table nit 2 SWIR and InGaAs Cameras