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High Resolution and Compact
Infrared Thermal Cameras for
Fixed and Handheld Applications


The 9640 infrared thermal camera offers unmatched image sensitivity and accuracy in a 640 x 480 (VGA) radiometric imager. With less than 2 cubic inches in overall dimension the 9640 fits in the tightest of areas. The 9640 operates on less than 1 watt of power, via a USB 2.0 connection, providing a real time radiometric data streamed directly to any desktop, laptop, tablet or embedded system. Windows and Linux software, drivers and SDK are available for any and all custom applications. Real time radiometric data stream directly to hard drive or portable device. This infrared thermal imaging camera can be mounted in a number of available enclosures for any environment Select from our complete line of enclosures which meet NEMA 4 РNEMA 9 specifications. These housings provide protection from any kind of harsh weather or environments.

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